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Guanta Facility

Guanta Facility

Facility type Pier
No. of piers One (No. 6) for coal
Max. sailing draft (Harbour Master) 33 Ft 00"
Max. sailing draft (Port Auth.) 35 Ft 00"
Other Restrictions NIL
Stowage Factor 42 - 44 cft/MT
Density of the water Sea Water
Loading Ex pier
Loading equipment Ship´s gear
Loading rate ( SHINC ) 6 - 8.000 MT / 24 hrs
Operator ( not shipper ) Puertos de Anzoátegui
Distance fm stockpiles to ship 150-300
Bunker facilities Ex barge FO MGO
Fresh water facilities Ex pier
FW price ( min. 100 MT )
Location : Eastern Venezuela, close to Puerto La Cruz
(LAT.: 10°14,8'N; LONG.: 064º36'W


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