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Shipping Agency VINODOL, C.A. was officially registered in Maracaibo, Venezuela on July 03rd, 1996. However, its marketing activity has commenced only on August 18th of the same year, after its manager, Hrvoje Dusper, left his former job. The first nomination to attend the vessel came only five days later, on August 23rd, and the ship on September 01st, the date we take as commencement of our commercial operations. The first month we only had that one ship ( "Navios Pioneer" loading coal), but in October we have received three nominations from Citgo to attend vessels in three different terminals in Maracaibo Lake. The number of nominations was increasing slowly but steadily , so, in November we have attended the first vessel out of Maracaibo Lake, in Puerto Cabello. In January 1997 we have attended our first vessel in Puerto La Cruz and in April and May 1997 we have already attended 12 ships each month (what was not an average for that time, but still a good result for a young company). As the time was running, we have opened our Punto Fijo office (April 1998) and finally in Puerto La Cruz (April 1999). Since more and more of prestigious charterers and owners were giving us confidence to attend their shipments, in October of year 2001 we have attended our vessel No. 1.000, only one month after having five years of commercial operations. In January 2002 we reached a record of 41 ships attended. All that signify a strong commitment to meet our principals requirements.

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