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Maracaibo Guasare Facility FSTS "Bulkwayúu"

Maracaibo Guasare Facility

Facility type Transfer Station
No. of Berth 1
Side Alongside Starboard Side
Max. Loa 300 M
Max. Beam 44 M
Possition Lat. 10º43.5´30´´ N
Lon. 71º33.5´30´´ W
Max. sailing draft 37 ft 00" (high tide)
Max Air Draft 45 mtrs
Other restrictions Max. Freeboard + hatch coam. 14,5 M
Density of the water 0,999 - 1,005
Stowage factor 44 cft/MT
Loading equipment 3 Loaders
Loading rate ( SHINC ) 27-28.000 MT / 24 hrs
Operator ( SHIPPER ) Carbones del Guasare
Distance from barge pier to ship 10 NM
Bunker facilities Ex barge FO, MGO
Fresh water facilities Ex-barge
FW price( min. 100 MT ) US$ 18 by MT (US$ 1.800 approx.)
Tugs requested Yes
Quantity of tugs requested 2 by 2.800 hp Min.
Transfer station is located on the Eastern side of the Maracaibo lake Channel, close to the Fairway buoy No. 65.
Special procedure : Pilot requests two (sometimes three) tugs for Docking/Undocking the vessel
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