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The particular way we operate strengthens our attention, which is offered in a very personal manner, surpassing the standard idea of agency attention and entering the field of consulting and superintendence. The following is a short description of our standard way of attention :

1.) Upon receipt of nomination / appointment we approach the shipper (consignee) in order to check loading (discharging) prospects and cargo availability. At the same time, we send the Master a large questionnaire which includes questions about the cargo capacity, distribution and loading sequence, as well as regarding the Cargo Documents details (B/L clauses and signature) containing also the information about the Stowage Factor, water density, draft and other limits.

2.) Once we obtain the answer from the Master, we fill out our form with the information and send it to the shipper (consignee)/ stevedores / shipper's (consignee's) agents. Also, requesting the documents instructions from all parties involved. Once the pro - forma B/l model is obtained, we fax it to our principals, as well as to all other parties for approval and/or further instructions.

3.) Once the vessel arrives at the loading site, we send the Boarding Clerk, together with the Time Keeper for an initial interview between the Master and the Shippers. There we try to clarify everything about the loading (discharging)details (loading sequence, cargo distribution, eventual trimming on time, etc.). That gives us a lot of time for eventual consultation with our principals and other parties, reducing this way the possibilities for any delay on sailing to the minimum. Once everything has been clarified, Boarding Clerk leaves the ship and the Time Keeper remains for all the coordination on the spot. He is equipped with a VHF marine radio and a cellphone, to stay continuously in contact with the office.

4.) The Statement of Facts and other Cargo Documents are usually prepared in the office, where we have all facilities as computer, photocopier and paper. When the Final Draft Survey figures are available, our Boarding Clerk complete the Statement of Facts, Cargo Manifest, Mate´s Receipt and eventual Master's Authorisation to sign the B/L, Shipper's Receipt for Original B/L, etc., and leaves to the vessel for the signature and interchange of documents.

5.) Upon returning from the ship, we immediately send the sailing report together with the cargo documents by fax, and later hard copies by courier.

As you may notice, our way of attention is always personally dedicated to the loading operation, assisting to the Master and protecting the interests of our principals.

Following kindly find the list of our operations personnel, together with their corresponding experience stories. Our personnel is not numerous, but reliable, very stable and well trained :






Manager, Capt. Hrvoje Dusper
Age: Born in 1963
Education: Superior Merchant Marine School graduated (Eng. for Maritime Transport - 2 years of university). Master Mariner since 1988. Sailing experience: 6 years on freighters and bulk carriers (signed off as a Chief Mate). Experience in the agency: 12,5 years as a Boarding Clerk, Assistant and finally Manager (since April 1991).




Operations Coordinator and Director, Mr. Gustavo Ghersi
Age: Born in 1966.
Education: 3 years of university (accounting, not graduated). Experience with agency: 10 years as Boarding Clerk


Boarding Clerk, Mr. Ivan Meneses
Age: Born in 1979.
Education : 1,5 year of university (accounting - not graduated). Experience with agency: 2 years as Boarding Clerk


Boarding Clerk, Mr. Leonardo Rey
Age: Born in 1977.
Education: High School, graduated. Experience with agency: 6 years as Time Keeper and Boarding Clerk.


Boarding Clerk, Mr. Guillermo Chavez
Age: Born in 1955.
Education: 1,5 year of university (Economy - not graduated). Experience with agency: 3,5 years as Boarding Clerk


Boarding Clerk, Eduardo Marchan
Age: Born in 1960.
Education: 1 year of University (construction) - non graduated. Experience with agency: 17 years as Boarding Clerk.


Boarding Clerk, Franklin La Cruz
Age: Born in 1971.
Education: 3 years of University, (Informatics Graduated). Experience with agency: Since 2004 as Time Keeper + 6 months as Boarding Clerk.

We hope all this information may be helpful when making the decision to try us as your agent. From our side, we consider that the best way is to give us a chance and to compare our service.

Would you need any additional information, please don´t hesitate to contact us through the numbers stated on my business card in this file, or simply through my (24 hrs) cellular phone :


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